Wanted: Arizona Rangers by Jackie James

An Interview with Jackie James, Author of Arizona Rangers

Do you love romance and wild, wild, west stories?  

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Our special guest today, Jackie James knows how to heat things up on a chilly desert night.  Someone had told me that, once an Arizona Ranger, always an Arizona Ranger and it is true, an Arizona Ranger would give his or her life for the cause, even if it were for love….

Jackie James is the wild, wild, western romance author mixing Romance sub-genre's with Time Travel, Paranormal and Suspense. 

Say hello to Jackie James, Author of Arizona Rangers.  

Pam:   Congratulations on the release of Arizona Rangers Jackie James and welcome to The Writing Vineyard.  It’s a pleasure to have you here.  

Pam:     Arizona Rangers is an amazing read. I felt like I was right there from the first page. How do you do that?

Jackie:  Thank you for your kind words. It is my pleasure to blog with you. Arizona Rangers is a labor of love. I have traveled a lot in my lifetime and I have a lot of memories stored in my mind. So whatever I write I am able to describe it so the reader can imagine herself or himself right there.

Pam:  How long have you been writing and what gave you the idea to write a story with such an amazing character twist using a woman as the heroine in Arizona Ranger.

Jackie:  I started writing in 1985.  Out of the clear blue I had an idea for a story. I started the story but had to put it aside. My life became very busy and I couldn't work on it. I went back to writing in 2004 when I moved to Alabama. I worked on the book but didn't get very far.      

Photo and compliments of Jackie James - Red Rocks in Sedona, Arizona

Jackie: When I moved to Arizona I joined the Tucson Chapter of the RWA and my writing took off.  My goal was to get published before I died. In 2011 I entered a contest which I won. The prize was getting my winning entry published. My first book, Masquerade, was published in  2012. I was 75. My inspiration for  Arizona Rangers came after I met a young woman at Barnes & Noble who is an  Arizona Ranger. She was my technical consultant for the book to make sure I got it right. Thank you Jan.

Pam:  About the hero (waving fan in face)   He is to die for!  I love the paranormal twist in this time travel romance mixed with suspense and mystery. While I don’t want to give any spoilers away, we are dying to know. How do you tie everything in together and come out like a  lamb with a Happy Ever After.

Jackie: I write from my mind. So I let my imagination guide me through the story and always end  up with a Happily Ever After. I learned as I went to writing classes that for romance that is the only ending allowed. Works for me.

Pam:    Where do you write most often?  

Jackie: I live in a one bedroom duplex. I have a great room and a granite counter separates the  kitchen from the living room. I have my computer set up on the counter. I have windows all around me that give me light and a view of the beautiful blue sky and green trees I sometimes gaze out the windows while I'm looking for inspiration. Love it!

Pam:   What is your favorite book that you have written so far? 

Jackie: I've had 6 books published and Masquerade is my favorite. I love the story. I am going to rewrite it this year into a full length book for my current publisher. Arizona Rangers is second. Each book that I write is better than the last.


Pam:     Who are your favorite authors?

Jackie:  I have several favorite authors. Vicki Lewis Thompson is my favorite. Next comes Alyssa Day (Warriors of Atlantis), then Lindsey McKenna and Jennifer Ashley. They all write paranormal books and those are my favorites.    

Pam:    Your backyard desert garden is lovely!

 Photo and compliments of Jackie James!

Jackie:  Thank you. Desert landscapes are not a lot of work and can be beautiful.

Pam:     Will there be a sequel to Arizona Rangers?

Jackie:   Arizona Rangers isn't constructed to have a sequel

Pam:     Give us a hint on your next project and new book release?

Jackie:  I am under contract for my 3 book series called Creatures of the Night. It is about Vampires, Shifters, Dragons, Faeries and lots of bad guys. It's also about love and conflict. I really had fun writing them. I think the first book of the series will be published later this year. Stay tuned! 

              I am currently working on a Dragon World Anthology.In addition to these works, I also  write Romantic Suspense, Love Sport and Vengeance and then there is my romance paranormal titled Ghosts of Walker’s Run.

Pam:   Where can we find Arizona Rangers?

Jackie: Arizona Rangers and my 5 other books are all available                                                    on  http://www.amazonkindle.com

Pam:  Is there any advice that you could offer to a novice or
           experienced writer, what would that be?

Jackie: Hmmm, I guess the best advice I can give to any writer is don't give up. I try to write everyday but don't always make it. When I do write I spend several hours at  it. If you’re a new writer take classes and read books about writing and fiction books in the category of the genre' you're writing for. Just remember, you're never too old to get published.

              I would love to hear from you at jtresler83@comcast.net 

Thank you again for visiting The Writing Vineyard and for writing such an awesome romance. It is apparent that territorial love lives on forever in the hearts, and in the wild, wild, west of the deserts of Arizona.
Photo by Deb Taylor

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