Cupid's Heart by Nicole Garcia Book Review 2014

Cupid’s Heart by Nicole Garcia 2014
Book Review

 Do you believe in true love at first sight?  The Roman Gods of Mount Olympus have something to say and their power of love is more obedient than ever. 

Cupid’s heart is at stake and so is Valentina Hart.  She has a passion for flowers and especially for Cupid, the God of Love.  The feelings are mutual but how can a human mate with a God or vice versa?  He is known by the name of Alerius on earth. 

Cupid hasn’t shot an arrow in 25 years. At least, not the right arrow.  When the God of Sleep outsteps his boundaries and shoots an arrow for him, chaos begins on Mount Olympus.  Beware of the reflecting pool on Mount Olympus, for it reflects every human’s life and their hearts.   

Cupid cannot take his mind off of Valentina and totally rejects the idea of ever falling love again but when they are near each other they totally lose control.  

Cupid bends the rules of Mount Olympus with a little help from his friends and has only one day to make all that has happened good or the God of Jupiter will send him to Pluto and the Underworld.  He will lose Valentina forever not to mention two broken hearts.

The story of Cupid’s Heart is an entertaining one and Nicole Garcia has done a fantastic job in bringing the human and Godly world’s together in a contemporary fashion. The romantic plot twists and turn and heats up at the right moments with a happy ever after ending.   The arrows of love once again strike for the right reason and the God of Love is back in action!

Happy Valentine's Day!  xoxo


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