Happy National Ice Cream Day! July 21, 2013


Did you know that Americans are the number one consumer worldwide when it comes to eating ice cream?  The country of New Zealand ranks at #2. 

It's no wonder our former President Ronald Reagan declared the third Sunday of July, National Ice Cream Day in America.

In light of honoring National Ice Cream Day, here is a wonderful recipe books for 90 different flavors of 'healthy' ice cream written by Cindy Stratton, titled,  '90 Healthiest Ice Creams'.

What flavor do you like?

I love Mint Chocolate Chip!

And here is another recipe book for making ice cream that is dairy free, and dietary conscious.  It is titled,  'The Doctor's Ice Cream' and is written by Heather Corbett!

My muse loves ice cream.  Her favorite is Spumoni!

From my muse to yours,  Happy National Ice Cream Day! 

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