Writing for Women's Magazines, Business Savvy Tip #1

BUSINESS SAVVY TIP#! -  Get it straight from the source!

If you like writing for magazines you will want to keep up with the magazines trend and style in today's world.

Often a new writer starts out thinking they may know the magazine and make the huge mistake of submitting an article that will in turn get a slam out rejection because you didn't study the magazines needs, style and slant of what they are looking for.  This is part of the writing journey and not to be misconstrued as lack of intelligence on the writer's part.  It is called business savvy!  The left side of the brain. 

It can get expensive buying issue after issue, right from the newsstand and who has time and money to spend these days on fuel when you can have a service available to you, delivered conveniently to your door.  Save that precious day to celebrate out on the town when you are rewarded for the hard work and well written article you had published!

 As a standard rule in writing for magazines it is always suggested to read at least three (3) ongoing issues to grasp a thorough understanding of what the editor is really looking for and what your readers like.  Do you know your audience?

Your time is precious and every day that you wait for your submission to be accepted or rejected costs you money.

With the economy crunch dwindling downward daily consumers are always looking for savings and that includes the business savvy person too, yes you, the writer.

You are in business to make a living and have available services and resources available to you as a tax deductible expense as well.

Why not take advantage of this service and start saving money today while increasing your research abilities, making your life easier as a writer and enjoying the favorite magazines you want to write for!

Just another tip to share from one writer to another! These truly ideal savings won't last too long, so take advantage now and be on your way writing for the magazines that you not only love but know how to please your editor and most important, your readers!

Enjoy these savings!

Rogers Magazine Service - Womens Magazines

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