Alert! Has Anyone Seen My Blog! It's name is The Writing Vineyard

If you are having trouble viewing my blog, "The Writing Vineyard" or cannot find it in the search engines, bear with me as I am also having trouble finding it myself, and I created this blog several years back and have been tweaking it lately and redesigning while trying to post more often.

As a matter of fact, the entire blog has been redesigned and updated with the new technology Blogger has to offer. 

The Writing Vineyard ( was initially created by me under the ole Blogger ways.

So looks like we both have changed our ways!

I try to keep up with the latest technology to the best of my ability, (TTBOMA).  And just like the abbreviation, sometimes my technology efforts in techie tweaking, lead me to t-bomma. 

Mama mia, just another day for Mona Mia. 

I apologize for any inconvenience and hope to be back on track as soon as I report this code error!

Until then, look forward to some more awesome postings.

The Writing Vineyard - A hodgepodge of posts writing and blogging related, centered around the Write, Blog, Live routine of a writer's life, on and off the page!