Natural Healing Therapist/ Energy Worker

     You may be aware of Natural healing, Reiki therapy and Energy Works, but have you ever had a Crystal Card Reading or an Angel Card reading?  I have!   And I must say I am very pleased and would not hesitate to have another reading and another.  Curious?

Go here and meet Trish Abbott, Energy Worker and Natural Healing Therapist!  

    I was amazed at the accuracy of my Crystal reading, I received from Trish Abbott and then again when I opted to receive an Angel Card reading.  Energy work and healing at it's best.

    When I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Trish Abbott, Energy Worker and Natural Healing Therapist online, I felt as if we had been friends forever.  Although we are miles across the pond, her expertise and ability were on target.

     The Crystal Card reading and the Angel Card readings were convenient, and I received pure enlightenment and well, energy! I just had to share the joy and highly recommend!.  Trish Abbott, Energy Worker and Natural Healing Therapist can be contacted at her website.  
     Be sure to browse around and learn the works of an Energy Worker and Natural Healer.  Check out Trish Abbott's Inspiring Words section where she writes enlightening poetry works of art inspired for healing or her Crystal Shoppe complete with the necessary information that you don't normally find anywhere at Energy For Life

Book your reading today!  Try a Crystal Card Reading,  or an Angel Card Reading.  My next adventure will be to ask for a Fairy Card Reading!
Ask and you will receive.  It's only a click away!